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Canaan Products

Our product offering is a result of millennia of food and farming traditions that have been practiced by Palestinian farmers who are fully integrated into their ecosystem. Since the land of Canaan to this day, Palestine has been regarded as a paradise – The Land of Milk & Honey – known for its rich food forests. Palestinian farmers have kept these sound, sustainable farming practices over the years and continue these Canaanite traditions to this day.

Canaan is helping thousands of family farmers protect this treasured ancient ecosystem, support it, learn from it in modern farming, and share its fruits with the world.


The products come from landraces (original verities of plants developed by nature), authentic food culture, and a permaculture setting that evolved over thousands of years producing food that is raw and real in taste and nutrients content.


Canaan is not only the producer, we’re with the farmers year-round, involved in farming from the soil, to the tree, through every step of the process, to the shelf.