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Our Commitment  


Canaan believes that in every part of our value network there must be a relationship of reciprocity. We work solely on long term partnerships under sustainable terms for each party to benefit, grow, and prosper.

We always put nature first, so we invest in the soil to retain its regenerative capacities. Our products are coming from farms that are being tended on ancient knowledge passed down through generations that has sustained the health of the land organically for thousands of years. We value regenerative farming methods and work to sustain them through environmentally-focused programs implemented by Canaan Center for Organic Research and Extension (CORE). CORE researches the science behind this ancient knowledge, formalize it, improve it, bring in new organic methods, and extend this collective knowledge directly to farmers.

In addition, Canaan works to make the product of traditional farming competitive and economically viable in the modern market place.


We believe that the farming community is an integral part of the productive ecosystem. This leads us to invest in the social well-being of the producing community in parallel with the soil and the environment.

Our commitment to farmers is unwavering. We work with over 2000 farming families.


We exchange with them under fair trade terms ensuring they have a long-term buyer of their goods at a price that makes farming viable to sustain their livelihoods. All the farmers we work with are a part of the Palestine Fair Trade Association. This organization is run by the farmers themselves through equal representation of farming villages. They organize the farmers, run empowerment programs and provide a medium for farmers to gain collective bargaining capacities as well as collectively addressing challenges of common concern.