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Green Track Palestine

Canaan farmers still use the traditional methods of manual labor and mules in plowing their lands. Yet, usage of machinery is sometimes unavoidable. To reduce the impact of nature, and to reduce the running expenses on farmers, Canaan in partnership with CORE and PFTA, has started a program to convert regular diesel-run tractors to environment-friendly ones, running on recycled vegetable oil. This oil is abundant in the villages, not harmful to the environment, no emissions, and comes at very low cost to the farmers.

The 'Green Track Palestine’ program has started in 2015, and has been able to convert five tractors so far with a target to do ten more before the end of 2017.



How it works


Through generous funding from individuals and partner organizations, as well as own resources, we’re importing the engine conversion kits from Germany. Then we work with the farmers who applied for the program to train them on how to use the adjusted machines. After handing over the machine to the farmer, we continue to monitor performance and provide assistance if and when needed.


Join us in protecting the environment


Interested individuals and organizations can support the resilience and economic freedom of small farmers by providing full (or partial) funding to convert a tractor.

One full conversion process costs US$ 2,500 for the kit and installation cost.

All donors will receive a certificate for their donation that includes the name and address of the recipient famer and the plate number of the machine. Donors will also be welcomed to visit the farmer at anytime and enjoy a day with her/him in the groves, and maybe some time plowing using the tractor, or if lucky, experience plowing the old way with mules.