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Keeping Palestine Clean for Future Generations

As one of the world’s centers of diversity, Palestine has so much to offer. Through the valuable work of our ancestors who have lived for hundreds of years in harmony with nature and the environment we have inherited a treasure, a land so rich in biodiversity. Yet, in recent years we’re witnessing a great estate of disrespect to Mother Nature. Plastic waste is polluting the land and water resources, and is endangering our long-term sustainability in this land.

As a company committed to sustainable living and to promoting good social and environmental practices we feel an obligation to act. Thus, Canaan is leading discussions to start a national campaign called “Clean Palestine” to involve all stakeholders, especially farmers who are most affected by the pollution, and take actions to stop these harmful behaviors to the land, soil, and nature.   

Interested in contributing? email us at info@canaanpalestine.com