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Empowering Women -  Investing in the Future

Working with women and women cooperatives has been a key component of Canaan’s business model since the start. We worked with existing cooperatives, and in other cases we encouraged women to start new cooperatives to provide Canaan with market-requested products. These women cooperatives have seen a huge success on all levels, in terms of recruiting and training skilled women, and more importantly by introducing some of the highly-demanded products such as Maftoul, Za’atar, Carob Syrup, and others. These opportunities gave women an opening to income generation and empowerment for being a productive part of the society.  They also gained lots of experience and life and technical skills. This economic success has led to greater self-confidence, higher civic participation, and deeper influence on the society and family levels.

Our women cooperatives have evolved from single-item cooperatives to year round businesses. Now, these cooperatives are creating their own women centers, where women are helped to start their own business, and where training sessions are delivered on a continuous basis.

If you would like to donate, contact ask@palestinefairtrade.org for information on making tax deductible gifts.