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Empowering Women –  Investing in the Future

Working with women and women's cooperatives has been a key component of Canaan’s business model since the start. We work with existing cooperatives, and also encourage women to start new cooperatives to provide Canaan with market-requested products.

Canaan's Women Cooperatives have experienced huge success on all levels, in terms of recruiting and training skilled women, and more importantly by introducing some of the highly-demanded products such as Maftoul, Za’atar, Carob Syrup, and others.

These opportunities offer women an opening to income generation and empowerment for being a productive part of society. They also gain a wealth of business, life and technical experience. This economic success has led to greater self-confidence, higher civic participation, and deeper influence on society and the family.

Canaan's Women Cooperatives have evolved from single-item cooperatives to year-round businesses. Now, these cooperatives are creating their own women’s center, where women receive guidance to start their own business, and participate in training sessions which take place on a continuous basis.

If you would like to donate, contact ask@palestinefairtrade.org for information on making a tax-deductible gift.