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Canaan is currently working with around 300 farmers managing more than 5,000 dunums (1,250 acres) with excess of 150,000 trees. These family plots are directly owned and operated by small-scale farmers who rely mainly on rain water for irrigation and use traditional farming in conjunction with new science-backed practices to ensure the quality of their crops. Canaan has been an active supporter for these farmers by providing ongoing, year-round technical support and guidance on best practices. 


Canaan has also been providing existing and new farmers with free saplings to expand the planted area, with a target of adding another 5,000 dunums by the year 2020.

As part of Canaan’s commitment to organic farming, we’ve been working with farmers to help them convert to organic. As a result, 31% of the almond farmers have converted, and we expect this ratio to keep rising as we intensify our efforts in the next three years.