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Producing the best tasting almonds in the world requires meticulous attention to the almond crop in the field prior to the processing. One thing industrial farming overlooks is that we grow the food not manufacture it. Canaan works with the farmers to develop a plan to manage every farm based on the terrain and the surrounding environment developing an ecologically sound and sustainable approach to growing the best almond out of the land. We are involved from the life of the soil to the tree to the kernel making sure they are producing an almond not only tasty but has its fullest potential of nutrients and health benefits. We are growing food.


The Canaan Almond variety is a fairly large and flat light brown color almond. It has a soft crunch and a rich nutty flavor, the fact that this main variety is grown as through grafting on the wild almond tree rootstock gives it an intense almond 

After securing healthy nutrients dense almonds in the fields, Canaan gathers the almonds after sun drying in the fields , hull them, shell them and sort them with most sophisticated state of the art technology in the industry. Spanning from the mechanical hulling and shelling to laser sorting and image color sorting technology producing products fit for the most sophisticated consumer markets and meeting industrial manufacturing demands.