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Maftoul is a traditional artisan food made from whole wheat bulgur and flour. Canaan proudly features this Palestinian specialty made according to tradition by Canaan Women's Cooperatives. 


Canaan uses certified organic landrace varieties of wheat that are sun dried and cracked into bulgur wheat. The bulgur is spread out on a tray, sprinkled with water and dusted with freshly ground landrace whole wheat flour, and hand rolled into pearls. Maftoul is steamed in a colander, then sun-dried so this handcrafted goodness can be shared with the world. 


Traditionally, Maftoul is prepared with chicken stock, tomato sauce and chick peas, a favorite winter meal in Palestine. Enjoy its satisfying texture topped with your favorite stew or served cold as a salad tossed with fresh herbs and dried fruit.





Our Maftoul comes in drum containers of 5kg, 25kg, 50kg.