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Rumi Olive Oil

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Rumi oil comes from the ancient Surri olive tree, a variety that is native to Palestine. The name “Rumi” refers to the tree’s ancient heritage that dates back to Roman times.

Most of these trees are from 1,000 to 2,000 years old and are still producing fruit - and delectable olive oil. Their long life is testimony to the strength of the tree and the sustainability of Palestinian farmers’ traditional practices on the land. This variety is as original as it gets: no cross pollination, no GMO. It is the original tree planted millennia ago that continues to produce a distinctive olive oil flavor. These original varieties produce fruits dense with nutrients, giving the oil rich health benefits.

Rumi’s flavor is complex with a range of attributes that excite the palate. A fresh fruity start leads to a tangy sensation, then hints of bitter, and a lingering spicy, peppery finish. Rumi is a robust olive oil, perfect for dipping. Fresh bread will complement its sharp flavor. It is a marvelous finishing oil for all kinds of cooked dishes.