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A blossoming almond tree has always been a sign of hope and promise. A promise that the cold winter is over and the beautiful spring has arrived. In March of every year, the sunlight of the early spring wakes the almond trees from their slumber and decorates them with dazzling white flowers with a few pinkish petals. These flowers are short-lived, and in a week’s time, they seamlessly become green crunchy almonds. These soft and tasty almonds have the briefest whisper of a season before their shells harden and start looking and tasting more like the almonds we know and love. 

The almond tree is indigenous to the land of Canaan and has been part of the natural ecosystem for thousands of years. our indigenous varieties offer distinct and superior taste and are grown mostly rain fed in ..an ecological sustainable way. Canaan worked with farmers communities to revive the almond growing in Palestine and benefit from the growing demand for almonds in the market place. In a short-time span, Canaan managed to take the almond sector from the verge of collapse to a booming sector that is sustainable and profitable for our farmers. 

Canaan is currently working with around 300 farmers managing more than 5,000 dunums (1,250 acres) with excess of 150,000 trees. These family plots are directly owned and operated by small-scale farmers who rely mainly on rain water for irrigation and use traditional farming in conjunction with new science-backed practices to ensure the quality of their crops. Canaan has been an active supporter for these farmers by providing ongoing, year-round technical support and guidance on best practices. Canaan has also been providing existing and new farmers with free saplings to expand the planted area, with a target of adding another 5,000 dunums by the year 2020.

As part of Canaan’s commitment to organic farming, we’ve been working with farmers to help them convert to organic. As a result, 31% of the almond farmers have converted, and we expect this ratio to keep rising as we intensify our efforts in the next three years.