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For millennia, almonds, olive oil, among few other crops were the main source of nutrition for families in the land of Canaan. Farmers used almond fruits for food, shells and hulls as animal feed and fuel for cooking. One generation after another, almond trees similar to olive trees have put food on the table for thousands of families. To this day, the almond sector still holds great, unrealized opportunities for small famers. This is basically due to the superior almond varieties that lived in the land of Canaan for ages. These original varieties promise favorable flavors and kernel sizes that are unmatched.

With the new push from Canaan, CORE, and our international partners, we believe that the almond sector is on the verge of, once again, becoming a sustainable income generating source for farming families. Compared to other crops almonds are among those few that can compete international based on its authenticity and originality, and farmers have seen this competitive advantage and are moving ahead with new farms that, in few years, could catapult the almond sector to the second largest in terms of land planted and income generated after olives.