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To continue the needed elements for the almond value chain to enjoy long-term sustainability, Canaan has teamed up with reputable international partners to bring in much needed support to their infant sector.

The well-known Ben&Jerry’s was one of the first partners with Canaan and almond famers. Aside from their business interest in the high-quality almonds to use in their ice cream, B&J started a long-term partnership with the almond sector to increase productivity and yield by funding CORE’s programs to apply scientific-backed practices in the sector. We at Canaan are very proud of this partnership as it’s a clear demonstration of how the development and business worlds can meet. B&J and Canaan are supporting the sectors growth on one hand, and ensuring its sustainability by providing long-term business contracts to the farmers to purchase their produce.

One other partner was iCoop. The partnership with iCoop gave hundreds of farmers access to subsidized almond saplings which led to year-on-year increase of almond-planted area of 150% for three consecutive years.

These treasured partnerships allowed small farmers to revive their interest in almonds, and gave them hope to continue to invest in the sector and expand their farms.