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A key to producing good tasting, superfood grade Freekeh, is cultivating and preparing Freekeh while wheat is still in the milky stage, when wheat grains are still soft and has only hardened enough to allow for their cultivation without turning into dough.

The roasting of the wheat grain while still green stops the formation of starch, producing low-starch grains. The already formed and immature starch become resistant starch, meaning it will not digest quickly and can sustain the body for a longer period without feeling hungry.

Modern scientific analysis and clinical trials have discovered what traditional peoples have long known, that wheat, when harvested young, retains more of its proteins, vitamins and minerals and generates great health benefits.

Canaan organized small-scale Freekeh farmers in different regions in Palestine allowing for variation in grain maturity timing. The natural growth of the grain gives a very short window of opportunity to produce Freekeh as a superfood. Wheat needs to be cultivated and flame-roasted before it hardens and before grain sugar turns into starch. At Canaan, we coordinate planting time and location distribution to extend the timing and capacities of making superfood Freekeh to the span of a month, from mid-April to mid-May.