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Our staff lives as an extended family with shared values, culture, and attitudes towards natural food and sustainable agriculture. We also believe in making work an enjoyable and meaningful experience, so group meals are a daily routine at Canaan, and there are year-round events and festivals that include all the farmers and producers communities.


Working at Canaan means:

  1. Fair living wages, with end-of-year bonuses,
  2. Full health insurance coverage for workers and their families,
  3. We promote from within, and continuously build the staff’s capacities and provide opportunities,  through participation of events and trainings,
  4. We also hire directly from the farming communities, giving farmers and their children an opportunity to experience agriculture from a different perspective,
  5. Invest in college scholarships for children of farmers and extend job opportunities to them after graduation.


Working at Canaan means:

  1. Having a passion for natural food and organic produce,
  2. Enjoying a relaxed yet focused work environment,
  3. Taking full ownership in what you do and sharing true leadership in how decisions are made,
  4. Living in an environment with a shared philosophy, system of beliefs and aspired goals, opening spaces for creativity, participation, and initiatives.
  5. To nurture a culture of openness and transparency among our staff,
  6. To nurture a business environment that promotes individual responsibility, independency, decentralization in parallel with high emphasis on teamwork and collective effort.