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Canaan was founded on a strong set of values that place the customer, the land, and supplying farmers deep within our hearts, and make the interest of these three groups the primary concern when making any decision. The company continued to grow utilizing the same basic philosophy and principles of fairness and sustainability which were diffused among its value creation systems, from farmers, to partners, and most importantly its family of staff. To that end, and from all of us at Canaan, we promise to:

  • Hold quality close to heart and deliver healthy products the world can trust, 
  • Provide consistent quality, value, and innovation, 
  • Never to take shortcuts, not in production, nor in customer service, and more importantly not to take shortcuts when dealing with farmers and nature,
  • Continuously deliver a product that is original, beautiful, and tells a true story,
  • To always offer local hospitality to our partners and friends from around the world to allow everybody to experience Palestinian culture, cuisine,
  • To be fair when dealing with supplier community farmers and work with them to spread ethical and fair trading and producing practices.
  • To be socially accountable when we produce, when we deal with our supplier network farmers as well as our staff.
  • Commit to integrity, honesty, and transparency when dealing with our customers.