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Farmers are the corner stone in our business, and everythig revolves around farmers and farmers' viability and sustinabillity. 

To the farmers who were and continue to be a member of our family, we promise to:

  • Guarantee fair pay for farmers to sustains their farming and living,  
  • Make direct payment terms at harvest time, and provide harvest advances when possible, 

  • Be clear and specific in quality requirements to make sure farmers understand and meet these requirements, and increase quality value return to farmers, 

  • Expand the area planted by continue to support seedlings and other farming inputs,

  • Provide ongoing free extension services along with applied research that helps farmers excel,  
  • Protect the traditional crops and varieties, and help farmers expand planted areas with these varieties,
  • To support small-scale farming viability and sustainability through our purchasing practices,
  • Respect farmers’ culture and traditions and work to conserve it,
  • Conserve the sustainable agriculture practices farmers have been using for generations and find ways to update it from within when there are benefits that can be reaped by the farmers and for the farmers.