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Canaan Partners

Canaan is a value-based company, with a unique philosophy towards socioeconomic development, culture and soil preservation, and farmers’ empowerment. To this end, we work with partners and distributors who share similar values and beliefs. 

We proud to be partners with amazing producer organizations such as, Palestine Fair Trade Association (PFTA) and Canaan Center for Organic Research (CORE). 

We are also partners with some of the world’s leading fair trade organizations, such as iCoop in South Korea, DWP in Germany, Sackeus in Sweden, Equal Exchange in the UK, and CTM in Italy. 


It terms of products, Canaan products are sold in two main categories:

  • Premium Products for Great Customers
  • Premium Ingredients for Amazing Products 

Our products are available in more than 20 countries around the world, through over 50 distributors. 

Our products can be found in some major distribution chains along with specialty and organic food shops. 
United States Japan South Korea

Canaan also partners with major global sustainable brands, providing them with healthy, high quality ingredients, and bringing their knowledge and support into our development work in Palestine. 

Dr. Bronner's  Ben & Jerry's Lush Cosmetics Intersnack
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