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Since The Land of Canaan to this day, Palestine has been regarded as a paradise, The Land of Milk and Honey, for its rich food forests. Palestinian farmers have kept these sound, sustainable farming practices over the years and continue these traditions to this day. Palestinian farmers nurture olive groves as a family legacy that is passed on through generations. These groves are grown on hand-built terraces that hug the hillsides and prevent erosion. Farmers work year round to build and maintain these ancient terraces that were crafted by their ancestors. Persis­tent, hands-on effort is the only way to reap the naturally extra virgin and organic olive oil of the majestic mountainsides.

Canaan is helping thousands of family farmers protect this treasured, ancient ecosystem, support it, learn from it in modern farming, and share its fruits with the world. At Canaan we work with farmers around the year, we are involved in the farming from the soil, to the tree, to every step along the processing until the shelf.

The originality of the olive trees and its varieties, the authenticity and commitment to age-old agricultural traditions, and the respect Canaan enjoys among farmers, all together allowed us to be an agent of change and a catalyst for the revitalization of organic agriculture in Palestine. Traditionally, farmers have been following organic practices not knowing it’s called “Organic”, for them, it’s what they’ve been doing for generations. Canaan’s role was to introduce the control systems that are needed to document the farming practices and its conformity with the organic guidelines. Canaan is now leading a national movement in organic agriculture alongside 2,000 farmers who represent the core of Canaan suppliers’ network. 

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