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Since the “Land of Canaan” to this day, Palestine has been regarded as a paradise, “The Land of Milk and Honey”, for its rich food forests, diverse and healthy indigenous food.

Our olive oil is a result of millennia of food and farming traditions that have been practiced by Palestinian farmers who are fully integrated into their ecosystem. Palestinian farmers have kept these sound, sustainable farming practices over the years and continue these Canaanite traditions to this day.

Traditionally, olive oil represented the main source of income and a major food source for many Palestinian farming families. More than 200,000 Palestinian families own olive groves, for 100,000 of which olive oil sales is their main source of income. Olive oil holds a great importance for food security of the Palestinian society; it is a key element in the diet of 60-70% of Palestinian children.

Normally, the entire family participates in harvesting the crop and collectively benefits from it by obtaining their olive stock for the year and selling the rest for the family income.