Tours and Hikes


Visit Canaan facilities, the Home of The Olives

The Land of Canaan has witnessed the birth and the development of the olive oil culture throughout the years. At Canaan, you learn the history of organic farming, and see exhibits of the olive oil culture from the beginning of time to the latest state-of-the-art technology in olive oil processing. The Canaan facility is a center for a whole range of artisan foods connecting the work of thousands of family farms and artisan producers who come together to produce the best treasures of this land. Indulge yourself in tasting the best olive oils on the face of this earth.

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Experience the true hospitality through home stays with farmers 

Spend a day or two with a farmer family and be part of their daily life, their hospitality is simple unforgettable. Meet the farmers, visit their lands, see the ancient trees, enjoy the delicious food, and experience the simple life-style, culture, traditions, and spend a warm night at their homes. 

Enjoy the village life, meet the men, women, and the children, and hear their stories. Every farmer has a story to tell and they love sharing with the world.

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Hike the amazing, lush mountains of Jenin

Spend half a day hiking in the Jenin mountains, enjoy the spectacular views of the region with an anthropological guide to the landscape. Discover the sociology of the land, and the intimate experience local inhabitants have with the soil. Have a picnic lunch on top of the region's largest mountain (Jabal Al Aqra').

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Learn how traditional Middle Eastern food is prepared through cooking classes

Enjoy a unique cooking experience and prepare some of the traditional Palestinian dishes. Each cooking class will be coordinated to suit participants’ preferences, interests, and needs.

You can also arrange to enjoy a traditional Palestinian meal prepared by women cooperatives without the cooking class. 

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