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Quality and Production 


At Canaan, we believe that quality is a journey that starts as early as the planting of the tree sapling, way before processing or even harvest. We believe that it’s a cyclical process with no end, as we always look for feedback and ideas from our valued customers on how to improve on our products and how to be responsive to their needs in terms of quality, taste, and product development. 

Our long-term strategy is to allow small-scale farmers to sustain their livelihoods and operate viable farming businesses for themselves and their families. Stemmed from this strategy is our ongoing quest to continuously explore potential investments in production facilities as well as new products.

In olive oil, we pride ourselves in going way beyond the traditional extra-virgin quality requirements. We follow strict, internationally-recognized processing standards. Moreover, to ensure the quality of the end product, we extend our monitoring to the fields to guarantee the quality of the input crops so we can control and monitor every element of the supply chain. The end product is not just extra-virgin, but it's also organic, fair trade, and the best there is in olive oil.