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Bulk Olive Oil 

The Middle East is regarded as one of the most biodiverse environments, and Palestine in particular has a dense biodiverse ecosystem that enhances the value of its food, especially when produced in its natural setting. Our olives grow in this rich environment in the hills of Palestine where the whole ecosystem is reflected in the taste, flavor, and nutritional value of the oil.

Our olive oil comes from the ancient Surri tree variety that has been maintained and cultivated in Palestine since the Roman Empire. Organically grown as an original variety that families passed down through generations.

We supply superior-quality olive oil that is well-suited for all types of manufacturing applications.

Processing: Cold pressed and filtered.

Appearance: Rich, grassy green.

Our olive oil conforms with the industry’s highest quality standards and certifications.

We also supply conventional olive oil based on demand.





Our olive oils come in drum containers of 50L, 200L, and Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) of 1000L