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Since the “Land of Canaan” to this day, Palestine has been regarded as a paradise, “The Land Of Milk and Honey”, for its rich food forests, diverse and healthy indigenous food. Our almonds are a result of these millennia of food and farming traditions that have been practiced by Palestinian farmers who are fully integrated into their ecosystem.  

Canaan almond is known for its large size of 19 kernels per ounce, compared to all other almond varieties, with the largest kernels of 23 per ounce.

Our almond comes in sweet almond taste, with rich, buttery flavor.

We supply superior-quality almond oil that is well-suited for all types of manufacturing applications.


Our almond oil conforms with the industry’s highest quallity standards and certifications.

We also supply conventional almond based on demand.





Our almond comes in vacuum bags of 25kg and 50kg.



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