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Almond Oil 

The rich, biodiverse environment of the hills of Palestine, where our almonds grow, lead to a healthy soil that produces fruits that are dense with nutrients resulting in superior nutrition value for the almonds and the extracted oils. 

Canaan’s almond oil is extracted from the well-known Hassan Asa'ad sweet almond variety, which a native variety in the Land of Canaan.

Canaan almond oil has a light yellow color with a nutty flavor, and is highly rich in mono-saturated fatty acids, vitamin E, proteins, potassium, and zinc.

Almond oil makes an excellent ingredient for skin, hair, and health products. 

We supply superior-quality almond oil that is well-suited for all types of manufacturing applications.

Processing: Cold pressed and filtered.

Appearance: Light yellow.

Our almond oil conforms with the industry’s highest quality standards and certifications.

We also supply conventional almond oil based on demand.





Our almond oil comes in drum containers of 50L, 200L.