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Freekeh is unique not only for its deep connections to culture and ancient food traditions, but also for the meticulous farming and processing techniques involved, and we save no effort to replicate the original methods used for thousands of years so we provide you with the very special and renowned Canaan Freekeh.


  • The process starts from the fields, where our extension teams perform year-round inspections for crop growth, any violations of pesticides usage, and any other problems or infestations,
  • We work with farmers to pick the best harvest time to capture wheat while it’s still in the milky stage to guarantee and special Canaan Freekeh taste and texture,
  • Freekeh is then sent to the traditional, ago-old flame roasting to produce the amazing distinct flavor of the original Canaan Freekeh,
  • While ongoing field inspections help reduce the possibility for fungal or bacterial infections, flame-roasting, and then drying of Freekeh totally eliminate such possibilities,
  • We check moisture levels and other specific chemical tests before and after the roasting to ensure quality and taste,
  • We then pack the Freekeh in sealed vacuum bags with nitrogen injected to prevent exposure to oxygen,
  • While in storage, we perform monthly physical and chemical tests, and we do the same prior to filling for orders.