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Haidar Al Karem
Canaan Palestine olive oil producer from the village of “Jalqamous”


When you walk into Haidar's olive groves you see a field that is as a clean as any front yard in the US or Europe, not one piece of plastic, metal, nor any other clutter. No grass, green nor dry. A field of more than 1,000 olive trees that is as clean as this makes you wonder how he does it!!! When asked, he replies with a smile: "a lot of work and a lot of science". For Haidar, organic farming is not a passion but more of a religion; no compromises, no shortcuts, and no walking back. Haidar's organic olive oil has become well-known in the area that people come from far away to buy his olive oil as gifts to their dear ones.

Haidar talks proudly about his organic farm, "I make 20% less money than regular farms because of my decision to be fully organic, and I’m really happy about that. Money is important, but not as important as my customers' health. I want my customer to eat healthy food similar to that i feed my kids with at home."