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Canaan Proud Farmers

Canaan partners with farmers who are committed to carrying on the age-old farming traditions passed down from generation to generation in the Land of Canaan. These time-tested practices persist to this day because they developed in harmony with the ecosystem that sustains the lives and livelihood of farmers and their communities. 


Not only are these traditions inherently sustainable, but we as a global community can learn from them in order to address current challenges of food security, health and wellness, and the future of the planet. Our future as human beings rests on our capacity to draw from the wisdom of our ancestors and integrate this wisdom into new forms of knowledge. Canaan farmers are proud of their rich cultural heritage and delight in sharing their wisdom through the delicious, nutrient-dense foods they produce for all to enjoy. 


Our partnership is what makes this transfer of knowledge possible. Please take a moment to delve into the personal stories of our farmers as they reassert their commitment to the land and their cultural legacy. These connections are the cornerstone that grounds our work in the Land of Canaan and ensures the viability of small-scale farming in Palestine for generations to come.