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Canaan Proud Farmers

We at Canaan believe that success comes not only through guaranteeing superior quality to our customers, or providing fair pay to our farmers, or offering decent working conditions for our staff, we believe that we need to top all of that with creating linkages between people across the globe in a spirit of equity, trust, and openness.

Each of the thousands of families that are part of the Canaan project has a story to tell. Being part of the Canaan project means different things for different people, but the heart of it is about creating hope and transforming lives of the remarkable growers and communities that we work with.

Canaan is so proud of the farmers that we work with, and we want to communicate their stories to the world and allow the world to communicate back with them.  Below are just a few of those stories.

Check back often, we will be posting more stories on a regular basis.