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Thyme Olive Oil

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This fine olive oil is made from rare organic Surri olives which are pressed with fresh and organic wild-grown thyme. This gives the oil its round, distinct flavor and herbal aroma.

We love the taste of our wild thyme, grown by women farmers, so we crush it with olive oil to bring you a distinct flavor with herbal aroma. We recommend it with chicken.

Canaan’s crushed infused olive oil is prepared with select original sharp Surri variety olives, crushed together with fresh lemons, chilies or herbs. This remarkably fresh combination at the pressing allows the full rich, olive oil flavor to blend with the added ingredients right from the start. It is prepared only once a year during olive harvest.

Our olive oil’s complex features join the fresh flavor of lemon zest, purple basil, spicy wild thyme, savory garlic, and hot chili pepper. Canaan’s crushed olive oil is delicious for dipping or to drizzle over salads, eggs or meat dishes.