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We have an organic farm producing heirloom organic vegetables that can be delivered right at your door step every week.

Using a combination of the historic wisdom of Palestinian agriculture and modern organic knowledge, we grow healthy nutritious produce that is good for you and the planet.

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Why go organic?

It’s better for you and the planet. Organic is a philosophy of working with nature, not against it. We thrive when the life in the land thrives. 

Healthy living soil filled with microbes help feed the plant nutrients making more nutritious food.

Organic farms don’t use any synthetic inputs. Other farms use pesticides and herbicides that can have harmful effects to your health.

Original heirloom varieties simply taste good. Modern varieties have been developed for making a high profit product not a high quality product.

Bees, butterflies and other wild life are able to thrive on organic farms which are important for plants health on and off the farm.

Soil fertility is the key to organic farming ensuring production over time. Other farms deplete nutrients making soil infertile for the future.

Organic automatically means no genetically modified organisms. GMOs are not thoroughly researched for negative long term health effects.

Most Nutritious

Chemical Free

Richer Taste

Wildlife Friendly

Soil Sustainability

GMO Free

Fresh vegetables
for a family of four, 

delivered to
your door weekly.

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How It Works

We have an organic farm producing heirloom organic vegetables that can be delivered right at your door step every week. It’s like having your own garden without getting down in the dirt. Leave that to us!

We Grow
Heirloom organic vegetables and herbs, washed and ready to eat

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We Deliver
A box of 12 organic vegetables and herbs to your door every week

What’s in season now

Every week you’ll get different mix produce from what’s current aviliable on the farm 

What’s in it for me?

Delicious healthy organic food
Convenience of home delivery
Outing at the farm with your family
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